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live performances

During the whole period - on the web:
All day & night in concert: NETSTRINGS by Tore Bahnson and William Louis Sørensen:
Produce your own soundpiece at the internet!

: : FRIDAY August 6 : : 20.00 : : FREE : :

Opening Night Concert:
Jab Mica och El (dk)
sun OK papi KO (be) http://www.rbdx.com
Anne Laplantine & Xavier Gautier (fr) http://www.tomlab.de/artists/annelaplantine.html
Teppop (dk) http://www.fys.ku.dk/%7Ebredahl/teppop/
Goodiepal (dk)

Art exhibitions opens 17.00!

: : SATURDAY August 7 : : 20.00 : : dkk 50 : :

Donna Summer/Jason Forrest (us)

Single Unit (no) http://www.singleunit.net

(also playing at NEON gallery, Brösarp, aug 6!)

: : SUNDAY August 8 : : 16.00 : : FREE : :

Presentation 16.00:
Kenneth Goldsmith presents Ubu Web

Concert 17.00:
Jakob Draminsky Højmark (dk)

: : TUESDAY August 10 : : 20.00 : : dkk 30 : :

Gravity and Grace
Tetsuo Furudate (ja) & Leif Elggren (se)

Electronics, readers and moving images

A new collaborative piece called Gravity and Grace (the title is borrowed from the book with the same name by Simone Weil) with texts by Marquis de Sade, George W Bush, William Shakespeare, Guillaume Apollinaire, Edgar Allan Poe, Emanuel Swedenborg and Simone Weil.

Tetsuo Furudate and Leif Elggren have been collaborating in several projects before: "Othello", a noise opera by Tetsuo Furudate at Podewil, Berlin 2001.
"Othello" was released as a CD on Les Disques du Soleil et de l´Acier, France 2001. "King Lear" at Podewil, Berlin and Tokyo 2003. "The Auditory Sense of Mr Roderick Usher", concert/performance by Tetsuo Furudate at Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany 2003.

: : THURSDAY August 12 : : 20.00 : : dkk 30 : :

Brood X - between a 17 Year Nuclear Memory
Steve Bradley (us)
Jacob Kirkegaard (dk) http://fonik.dk

Steve Bradley and Jacob Kirkegaard perform for the first time Brood X - between a 17 Year Nuclear Memory, a meeting of sounds between nature and industry´.

Bradley's sounds are based on a series of new recordings from a current 17-year BROOD X cicada emergence on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. Cicadas are probably best known for their conspicuous acoustic signals or "songs", which the males make using specialized structures called tymbals, found on the abdomen. What is unique about the sound of the cicada is the male portion singing their mating song.

Kirkegaard´s recordings from the Swedish Nuclear Power Plant Barsebäck capture a rare sonic glimpse inside of this powerful contained energy force using special contact microphones attached to various vibrating elements such as pipes, turbines, and basins. Guided though many of the almost 2000 rooms at Barseback far below the surface of earth, this material serves as a sonic mapping of invisible radiation.

In this performance Bradley and Kirkegaard meet for the first time. Using this rich material from the 17 year cicada and the nuclear powerplant, Bradley and Kirkegaard propose to replicate and harmonize these hypnotic tenseness sonic environments.

+ secret guest performance by Jodi Rose (au)!

: : FRIDAY August 13 : : 20.00 : : dkk 20 : :

"Rip, Mix & Burn + Point of Sale (Ripsale)"
Displaced Dilemma:
various euro (de) / Matze Schmidt (de) / mi_ga (lt/de)
+ special guests:
Enrico Glerean aka e.g.ø (it), Jodi Rose (au), Tanja Schlander (dk), Eric (fr)

What the **** is a Ripsale? If people really could download all the
(digitized material) they want and reprocess it would be the end of
capitalism, they say. But the question is not one of copyright, new
licences or money making. It is the question of production!
The displaced dilemma here is: how to "rip, mix & burn" and sell NOT?
We download mp3, remix it, make a give away on soulseek, burn one
golden audio-cd, offer it on ebay, stream the sound of it all and
transmitt it via a local MHz frequency.
listen to the live mix recording here

B r i n g Y o u r R a d i o!

"Ukase dr0p atchocK"
outersPace Ukases
pavu.com (fr)

Now backUT to serious mAttre, LA pavu.com Team bucklePixes the cont0rsion once again to glitter the wildest PineXiang eastern t0uch into Its nextroUte *Ukase dr0p atchoK* S-gUrd sUNset drill !
Friday august 13
pavu.com's outersPace Ukases will be premiered and derniered at Overgaden Sound Art Festival in Denmark (Greece).
More wants ?
Stay tuned for pavu.com crYstalOrbiT revelations about *outersPace Ukases* onesh0t special.
Warnies pluSs ?
get ready to coverL the duckL !
LA pavu.com Team
-/ atum BOM ! /-

: : SATURDAY August 14 : : 20.00 : : dkk 20 : :

Enrico Glerean aka e.g.ø (it): Gone with the wind

Enrico Glerean (e.g.ø www.egzero.org) will create a quadraphonic surround sound-scape for the people to enjoy the sunset. People are invited to lay down, close their eyes, fall asleep, or just read a book, chat with a friend, etc... People are invited to bring their own mechanical music boxes, to add their sounds to the sound-scape.
Mindaugas Gapsevicius (www.o-o.lt) will live-mix nature pictures by Liv Læssøe (www.aviary.dk).

munit (de)
electronic listening music. releases among others at mute, shitkatapult and hal 9000.

: : WEDNESDAY August 18 : : 20.00 : : dkk 30 : :

386DX cyber punk rock band + WIMP visuals
Alexei Shulgin (ru)


: : THURSDAY August 19 : : 20.00 : : dkk 20 : :

Brandon LaBelle (us/dk)
Christof Migone (ca) (virtual appearance) http://www.christofmigone.com/index_cm.html

hearing things
voices in the head, tongues in the mouth, ghosts in the throat, listening in, tuning out, dreaming past, speaking into, description narrative story-telling memories and remembering - sound as trigger, as release, as torch, as void: making portraits of friends and strangers as they speak what they hear, replacing soundscape with sound poem, soundtrack with psycho-acoustical speech, sound festival with sound fantasy.

Re-presenting Christof Migone
Artist Christof Migone will be appearing as disembodied voice, as remote body, as pure audio: remixed, re-presented, re-mapped, the works: South Winds, Hole in the Head, Crackers and as undo (with A. St-Onge), will find their way into the room-as amplified CD, as sculptural relief, as radio without its transmitter.

Stairway to Heaven
Locating the stairs can be difficult, especially after a long night, and after many years-but I think it is here, waiting for our eavesdrop, our remembering, if memory serves us right, tonight: mapping memory, of that song, of that moment, of that architecture, when I was in 8th grade, playing drums at school, with Brian, Mark, and Kevin, my best friends, and Zeppelin coming through in all their enormity.

: : FRIDAY August 20 : : 20.00 - 24.00 : : dkk 20 : :

Video Screening Nite

20.00: Paulo Raposo/Jeremy Bernstein (pt): "Unity Gain TV" http://www.sirr-ecords.com/pauloraposo
John Hopkins (us) : "neoscenes dreaming"
21.00: Bruce Haack documentary: "Haack - The King of Techno" http://www.haackmovie.com
22.00: Mikael Ericsson (se) : "Film für Alle" and other bestsellers
Domenico Scianjo (it): "Audio Visual Works"
Public Works (us/cz): "Matter"
23.00: Satanicpornocultshop (ja): performances http://www.nunulaxnulan.biz
Cock E.S.P. (us): performances

: : SATURDAY August 21 : : 20.00 - 22.00 : :
: : limited dinner tickets 100 dkk - presale only : :

Live Radio Stream Sound Dinner: SUCK THIS!
part of: Where are we Eating?: http://phonebox.org/eating/
Time zone offset: UTC/GMT +2 hours (CEST - Central European Summer Time)
John Hopkins (us), Tanja Schlander (dk), Björn Ross (dk/se) + guests

As part of the "Where are we Eating" project taking place at ISEA2004 in Helsinki, Finland, there will be a local dining performance and internet stream emanating from the Overgaden Sound Art Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. Between 20.00 and 22.00 (CEST = GMT+2) a group of artists will be streaming a live sound mix from a dinner in the gallery space.

info page: http://neoscenes.net/projects/dinner/dinner.html
main stream url: http://quickstream.kiasma.fi:8000/aaniradio
cph stream url: http://cmt.siba.fi:8000
schedule: http://www.miscellanea.com/schedule.html
blogs: http://www.neoscenes.net/travelog/weblog.php
ivisit room: jaceee.1864
IRC: http://chat.ircnet.org
IRC channel: #aurala
wiki: http://aura.siba.fi/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=WaweEvents

Limited participation! For dinner tickets - pls contact: be@it.dk

RADIO MAGICA (dk) presents:
[for details and latest updates see: http://www.menneske.dk/magica/]

: : WEDNESDAY August 25 : : door open from 17.00 : : dkk 30 : :
18:00 Brandon Labelle (us/dk) [video installation] http://www.errantbodies.org/labelle.html
18:30 Kenneth Krabat (dk) http://krabat.menneske.dk
19:00 Peter Clement Woetmann Nielsen (dk) - TBA
Tv-nyhederne (interludes) by Rose Maria Frang (dk) - TBA
20:00 De sidste krigere tager foliebakken hjem (dk)
20:30 The non-funky weird word whitegay and the big band galaxy ghettoblaster experience
>>Stereo painting<< softcore. salmsos.splat.skvat...skat (dk)
A:luzi4-KIC-SØT (dk)
After hours: DenKa (de)

: : FRIDAY August 27 : : door opens 19.00 : : dkk 30 : :
20:00 Martin Kuentz (de) [solar module]
20:20 Radio Kampagne (de) [debate]
20:40 Schmacke (de) [performance]
21:00 Fifth element [Niels Præstholm, Søren helvildt Raagaard & Lotte Anker (dk)]
21:30 Radio collage [from the archives]
22:00 Flexfitte (dk) [electro] http://flexflux.menneske.dk/flexfitte
23:00 Radio collage [from the archives]

: : SATURDAY August 28 : : door opens 19.00 : : dkk 30 : :
20:00 Radio collage [from the archives]
21:00 Magtværk (dk) http://www.magtvaerk.dk
21:30 Tanja Schlander & Astird Lomholt (dk)
22:00 Schmacke (de) [performance]
22:30 Minimal Turntablists (at)
23:00 Special Guests and big surprise

: : SUNDAY August 29 : : door opens 17.00 : : dkk 30 : :
17:00 Schmacke (de) [performance] http://www.fakemasters.net
17:30 TWINS (de/dk) [dictaphone performance w/ Tanja Schlander, Ursula Maria Berzborn, Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg & Søren helvildt Raagaard]
18:00 Radio collage:
displaced dilemma - stream collage radio magica - various euro + matze schmidt (de) - http://www.various-euro.com
& Steve Bradley (us)
19:00 Tutti [jamming til the end]

[for details and latest updates see: http://www.menneske.dk/magica/]

: : FRIDAY September 3 : : door opens 19.00 : : dkk 50 : :

Noisejihad & friends
Soviet Subliminal Seduction (dk)

Wäldchengarten (dk)
Danny Kreutzfeldt (dk)
Dave Phillips (ch)
Rúnar Magnússon (is/dk)

Dave Phillips (ch)
The initials are DP as in double penetration. This ought to say it all, but we know it doesen't so here we go. You never know where you have this performing extraordinaire but one thing is for sure: it's utter mind fuck no matter what, and will make you see your petty little life in a whole new shed of light. Dave Phillips has a "been there - done that" list so long it's totally ridiculous. We have one word for this: MANDATORY!
Additional references: Schimpfluch-Gruppe, Fear Of God, Ohne

Rúnar Magnússon (is/dk)
Rúnar Magnússon is usually part of the internationally acknowledged group Vindva Mei. Both group and solo work revolve around amazingly well thought and highly detailed ambient textures that tickles the ear gently and makes the mind drift into the void.
http://www.r4nd.org/magnusson.html - http://this.is/vindvamei

Danny Kreutzfeldt (dk)
Noisejihad proudly presents one of our latests finds of Danish noise talent. Danny Kreuztfeldt has recently dropped a distiguished career in retail business to fully explore a beyond (or below?) human phenomenon also known as "the monkey". This phenomenon only appears during exceptionally heavy drinking sessions that leads Kreutzfeldt into a unique sonic dimention of the extreme. In other words: you'll get hurt! Danny Kreutzfeldt will also present a brand new album to the public this evening. We expect a masterpiece!

Wäldchengarten (dk)
The heaviest low end in Europe PERIOD! Wäldchengarten's interpretation of noise ambient will thrust your ribs through your spine on a good day and has rightly earned the title "A subwoofer's worst nightmare". People with delicate bonestructure might want to bring a steelbox to hide in during this performance!

Soviet Subliminal Seduction (dk)
The noisejihad oddball that does not take "you can't do that!" for an answer. An indomitable nerd with a laptop sounding like a math rock band throwing everything they have into their instruments. Mind bending guitar riffs, twisted drumming, deep space bass and a tripped out sense of grooves. Yiikes!! 

..... end of festival ..... :-(